1. the summer of sorbet cocktails

    the summer of sorbet cocktails


    Living in Portland during the summer can be amazing….but also unbearable. Air conditioning is a rarity, but luckily the tools and ingredients to make the best sorbets aren’t.

    IMG_4197 IMG_4208 IMG_4214

    Lemon Basil Sorbet

    1 1/2 cups of lemon juice

    1 teaspoon of lemon zest

    2 cups of sugar

    1 cup of water

    handful of basil, shredded and diced

    Bring the lemon juice, water, and sugar to a boil. Once the sugar is dissolved…

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  2. Fridays in the forest

  3. Good morning, forest

  4. Why does this always happen to me


  5. obsessed

  6. eagle creek trail in Oregon

  7. Gardens & Villa at Doug Fir, May 15 

    Portland, Oregon

  8. Cloud Control at Wonder Ballroom, 6/12/14

  9. Metronomy at Wonder Ballroom; 6/12/14

    one of the best shows of my life

  11. i went hiking yesterday.

  12. Psychomagic bringing the party on stage. 

  13. proper way to work on a Friday  (at Sweet Hereafter)

  14. Jessy Lanza at Holocene, Portland OR 5.19.14

    Lovely lady, haunting voice

  15. Jacco Gardner at Mississippi Studios 5.12.14