1. Broken Bells in Portland, Oregon 8/11/14

  2. Xiu Xiu at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon, 8.3.14

  3. sorbet cocktail recipe and others found here.

  4. Fridays in the forest

  5. Good morning, forest

  6. Why does this always happen to me


  7. obsessed

  8. eagle creek trail in Oregon

  9. Gardens & Villa at Doug Fir, May 15 

    Portland, Oregon

  10. Cloud Control at Wonder Ballroom, 6/12/14

  11. Metronomy at Wonder Ballroom; 6/12/14

    one of the best shows of my life

  13. i went hiking yesterday.

  14. Psychomagic bringing the party on stage. 

  15. proper way to work on a Friday  (at Sweet Hereafter)